We source the extraordinary
We source extraordinary concoctions from around the world. Nature is a radical and amazing laboratory. Endless new tastes, textures, health and well-being await - we just need to look for it!

Goodness In A Bottle is both cross-border and deeply local, innovative yet traditional. And always about organic, natural good stuff that we want to eat and drink ourselves, and to share with our friends and family. In other words - with you!
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We scour the world for amazing beverages, elixers, waters, brews, saps, honeys, anything that can be sustainably harvested, safely put into a bottle and shared with the world.
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Market Prep
We prepare everything - market analysis, packaging, pricing models and business plans, copy writing and social media, to FDA certification, import, logistics, roll-out strategy, and much more. We get your product ready for market entry.
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We advise, support, or execute market entry either as a turnkey solution or along with an extraordinary group of colleagues and friends - some of the top experts in their fields!
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We work to spread the love ...
... that emanates from so many often hidden parts of the world (or hidden from more developed markets). We polish up production, logistics, branding, marketing, and get extraordinary products into the hands of consumers waiting to try them!

The world awaits! There is so much more out there! Nature is the most radical and amazing laboratory there is. Endless new tastes, textures, health and well-being await us - we just need to look for it. Join us!
Feedback from friends
Some of the most extraordinary thinkers, shakers and doers we've met! GIAB is a bridge between worlds, like a portal ... from developing countries to developed western markets, and back again. Highly recommended.
Lilian Watson
An amazing team! Highly recommended!
Sarah Llawson
One of the most exclusive and extraordinary groups we've seen, a combination of Indiana Jones, Amazon rainforest tribesperson, and western venture capitalist!
Alex Augusta
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